from by Troy Petty



A new day’s habit
expires in minutes
look where you are
deep enough in it?
Enough said to uniform your world
all comforts are worn
yet none of them are your’s

If you stay, your reason
will divide into millions
look where you are
can you see past the deep end?
If all you’ve served never cared you’d return
then all you’ve learned is to serve
well enough to keep you
looking up, but never see
look up, but never see

So close to departure
So close to what could be

The World, The World!
The World is calling you

Don’t lose your way by
just getting by
if all things come to an end
this ride will be the finest escape
from all the doubt
eating you up.
You’re nowhere until you’re found.

Make your move that makes them see
Make your move that makes them see
you’re so close to departure
so close to what could be
the World, The world !
The world is calling you!


from Departure, released June 5, 2015



all rights reserved


Troy Petty Columbus, Ohio


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